Let us create visual content for your brand or business that is designed to engage your audience.

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Let's get creating.

Our expertise has run over multiple different types of content from IG stories all the way to immersive VR experiences to give you the correct insights and guidance you need to start creating visual content that engages your audience.

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How we create.

Our process has been honed over 7 years of experience in creating content for a variety of different brands and industries. From single pieces to entire campaigns, we have done them all.

The approach we take not only involves simply looking at a brief and creating a piece of content. Rather, we are here to collaborate with you from concept to conclusion, and we encourage you to use our expertise to help create even stronger pieces of content.

The content we create is always designed with a clear purpose and objective in mind, from sales to education and everything in between.

Multiple Mediums.

Our capabilities have been tested over multiple formats, styles and campaigns. We have done a myriad of different projects, from IG story fashion campaigns with 15 short stories all the way to tech case studies and interactive VR experiences in nature reserves. Our approach is to always make sure that story and medium are well suited to each other.

Videography + Photography
Social Media, Digital Content + Commercials
Documentaries, Case Studies, Short Films + TV Series.

Tools + tricks of the trade.

We understand that having the right visual content for the right areas of your unique business offering is so important in today's digital landscape. It quite often can be the difference between surviving and thriving.

We have a deep understanding of creating content that is designed to engage at key areas in your business that doesn't only include sales and marketing. Streamlining HR, client onboarding, staff onboarding, training, technical tutorials, best practices and so much more.

CREATED for you.

Deciding if we are for you? Our content creation is designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing professionals and creative agencies.

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, agency or marketing professional who deals with your brand's marketing & communication practices, you’ll fit right in. We have clients in all stages of business, from large international brands to startups and new ventures. No matter your stage, we are here to help take your visual content to the next level.

Entrepreneurs + Business Owners
Creative Agencies + Marketing Agencies
Marketing & Communication Professionals
Marketing Consultants and Brand Managers

"Old Soul Films has a visual appreciation and strong execution in providing attention grabbing content, making it a visual feast for the eyes. If you looking for content that has an edge and appeal, Old Soul Films is definitely one to be considered. Tristan Schafer (Founder & CEO) is a young and dynamic South African entrepreneur that is inspired."

Shaun Mallana

Head of CSI

"Thanks so much to Tristan and the team at Old Souls. They really worked to understand the type of videos we wanted, and they did! They managed to visually capture the emotion and feeling we wanted to show our customers, something no other film studio did in the past! Amazing."

Tyler Hollingsworth

Business Owner

"Creativemilk Agency has worked with OSF for over 3 years. They always show up with passion for each project and go the extra mile in making sure the best strategy and content are curated for our brands. If you are looking for thank you Tristan and team for the quality, professionalism and pure passion for the craft."

Vikesh Singh

Agency Owner


For whatever your need might be, from YouTube to TikTok, Billboards to Television. We have you covered.

Our team is highly skilled in all forms of videography and photography, with a keen eye for understanding nuances and finding stories. Some of our work can be seen below:



Camp Sarika by Amangiri

Luxury Frontiers

HAIG X David Beckham

HAIG Clubman

Food Showreel

Old Soul Films

Deus Homestead

Deus Ex Machina

CSI Entrepreneurship


Frequently asked questions

Let's get CREATING.

Our content creation skills have been honed in over the past 7 years of being a high end content production agency for some of the worlds largest and most influential brands. We are here to give you our guidance and expertise to start creating content that is engaging and converts.

It's time to create content that converts.

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Done for You.

Let us help you create some high quality visual content that is designed to engage your targeted audience.

To prepare for the session you will need to have the following ready:

- A brief of what type of content you are looking to create.
- Budget + Project Scope
- Target audience.
- Primary objectives/goals for the content.