About Us

Welcome to the Old Souls

A team of storytellers.

What’s our story? Well, we are a visual strategy & content creation agency specialising in visual content production with photography & videography that drives measurable action through digital strategy. Based in South Africa & Dubai, UAE. The name Old Soul Films came about fittingly, as we are all young creatives, but all have old souls in our approach to both life and work. A deep desire to understand and create meaningful work for both our clients and ourselves.

Our goal is your goal.

We are in the business of brand building through visual content. Content that grows your business, saves time and provides long lasting value to both your clients and your team. Through our approach, it has afforded us the privilege to work with some of the world’s largest and most iconic brands. Our Visual Strategy approach has been honed over the past 7 years and has allowed us to create successful campaigns all over the globe from China to the USA. Our story is built up from the collective stories of our clients and their successes.


Get guidance and start creating visual content that is strategically designed to engage your audience through telling the right stories, at the right time, in the right places.